Buy My Endowment Policy

Buying Endowments is big business these days, hundreds of policies are bought every day, endowment policies were a very popular method of repaying a mortgage over the last couple of decades. Due to the poor performance of these investments a buoyant second hand endowment policy market has emerged.

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Who will buy my endowment policy? You may have heard about the active trading of second hand endowment policies, if you can find a company who can buy my endowment policy instead of surrendering it back to the life company, you could stand to gain up to 35% more than your life company offered you for the early surrender of your endowment mortgage.

By filling in our online form, we will forward your endowment policy details onto the leading endowment policy buyers who could earn you an extra 35% on its current surrender value.

We are an independent website, who will forward your policy details to investors who make a living buying endowments. When you complete our short endowment surrender valuation form, we forward your details onto the leading endowment policy buyers who will try and find you the best price possible for your traded endowment policy. They will then return to you with the option to sell. There is no obligation to sell at this point they will simply offer you the option to gain up to 35% on your surrender value should you wish to sell.

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